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Retro Photo Prints


Specifications of Retro Photo Prints

  • Instant-camera-like photo print
  • Format 4 x 6 inc, square photo area 5 x 5 inch
  • White border of 0,2 inch the top and sides and .3 inches on the bottom of the photo
  • High-quality photo paper with a glossy finish


Looks just like an instant camera print or Think Vintage

If you take your ordinary images and give them a vintage look, they instantly get an extra special dimension. The instant-camera-like look immediately gives you the feeling that the moment the photo was taken should be remembered for years to come. The typical white borders of an instant film camera are truly iconic and therefore the perfect way to add that nostalgic touch to your Retro Photo Prints. To make it even easier, there’s no need to pre-crop the images to a square size.
Retro Photo Prints are printed on high-quality photo paper and are available in a glossy finish with instant-camera-like white borders.l.

Additional information

Scanning Options D
Develop Prints No, Yes
Push/Pull Custom Processing -0.5 Pull +$3.00, -1 Pull +$3.00, -1.5 Pull +$3.00, -2 Pull +$3.00, +0.5 Push +$3.00, +1 Push +$3.00, +1.5 Push +$3.00, +2 Push +$3.00, +2.5 Push +$3.00, +3 Push +$3.00, None





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