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One stop Home movie transfer and printing

One stop Home movie transfer and printing

for all creative possibilities for every occasion in life


Please Take A Quick Journey With Me

If you will, can you, with your imagination, go into a room in your home? That room could be your favorite room. Look up and look onto the wall in that room. Imagine right in that room a stunning photograph hanging there. It’s a moment, an extraordinary moment in time photographed and captured of you and your partner. What does that photograph look like? Are you seeing a hug, laugh, cuddle? Now imagine seeing that photograph on that wall every time you enter the house. That photograph that I will print for you will take you back to that moment in time and the importance of that moment, which you get to view and love forever. How amazing is this, and this is why I value prints?

A print is not about an income for the Katfam; it is about you getting a nudge in your memory bank every time you look at that photograph of those around you and those you love.

How awesome is this?

Creative Mastery

Image digitisationand analogue transfer service

We all have old family history stored around the house; boxes in lofts, albums in cupboards or drawers, old tapes and reels gathering dust. As technology moves on, and time eats away at this ageing media, the content becomes less and less accessible. Our Digital Transfer Service allows you to capture that history before it disappears, and bring it within reach of modern devices.

Relive your memorable moments from yesteryear, by having your images from negatives, slides and photos professionally scanned to DVD and USB, while cherished videos, cine film, and audio tapes can also be transferred to CD, DVD and USB, allowing your treasured collections to be sustained and enjoyed for many years to come. Better yet, our add-on Service allows you to make multiple copies of your digitised media to create spares or even a gift for a loved one to treasure.


At KATFAM, Our Goal is To Create More Happiness in Our Community.

Our aim is to get more smiles on more faces. More fulfillment in more places. We are just a family, but we believe in doing our part with passion, honesty, kindness, and a bit of good humor along the way. Family or clients need to be straightforward, trustworthy, and reliable. It doesn’t need to be tedious.

Our Mission, Vision & Values, What we are.

What We Do. What We Strive To Be.


To provide our communities with strong and efficient solutions and exceptional customer service.


Katfam works hard to develop strong relationships with everyone in our communities and strives to be the best Print/ service of any size or type in our markets.


Honesty | Caring | Inclusivity | Positivity | Good humor | Humility


Here's what our users
speak about us

I am very pleased with my order regarding the transfer of 18 VHS tapes to DVDs. I had no idea how many minutes were on each tape... Could have been 10 minutes on one and 2 hours on another. Somehow the Katfam Photo worked their magic and the results are great! These home movies are now on a space-saving Hard Drive for my 92-year-old mother to enjoy. Thanks so much!

Denise Isacson January, 2024

I shoot 35mm film and was so delighted by my results. They develop your film AND RETURN IT (unlike Walgreens who for whatever reason keeps your film??? which is strange!!!!). Katfam scans your developed film and then emails you a link to your developed shots, which can be accessed on a free app called "Collect". I am really happy with their services and look forward to ordering prints of my work 🙂 Thank you Katfam!!!!!!!

Zen Crosby January, 2024

I highly recommend Katfam for all your photo/video needs. I needed a VHS tape digitized and they did it the same day and helped me figure out how to get the file to work on my MIL's iPad. They went above and beyond with their customer service and even saved me a trip to the post office and mailed the hard drive for me.

Leslie W October 2023