Gifts for grandpa


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Easily put all 100 of your loveliest photos in this pocket size photo book. It only takes a few fast and simple steps to add them to your Photo Book Collection 100. This way you don’t need to compromise in time or number of photos. To make it more fun for you to recollect memories with family and friends, every photo gets a full page and a spot on the soft cover.
A Collection 100 is printed recto verso on high quality paper and has a high-quality glued binding.


Specifications of Collection 100

  • 100 photos binded in a photo book with 100 pages (200 g)
  • Full-page photos printed recto verso
  • Collage of your 100 photos on the front and back cover
  • Soft cover
  • High-quality glued binding on the shortest side of the photo
  • Portrait photos are rotated 90° counterclockwise
  •  17  12,7 cm


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