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Welcome To Katfam Photo!

Katfam Photo, located 847 Edgell Road in Framingham, Massachusetts, a one stop Publishing and photographic co. offers a wider variety of Services, From Home Movie transfer, Photo Finishing, to Business Printing, and other sophisticated finishing options, We offer Wedding, Family and Corporate Photography, Video Transfers, photo scanning services, We produce High end photographic quality large format prints, backlit graphics, and banners. Katfam Photo will execute full variable data and cross-media direct marketing, we are both Dry and Wet Photo finishers.

Katfam Photo was founded on the simple premise that Print Media and photos make the world a better place. Born from a very personal photo story, Katfam Photo is committed to changing the print / photo lovers’ landscape and helping Business/photo takers everywhere enjoy, share, preserve and have fun with their photos and memories.

At Katfam Photo a good day means we’ve solved a problem for a customer, uncovered a new product or service to make life easier, and delighted a photo/movie taker with a long-forgotten shot.

Our vision is to build a great company that:

  • Is a role model in the business community; it is successful, growing, and thriving

  • Is results-oriented, and works with a sense of urgency

  • Attracts top caliber people (motivated, hardworking and career oriented)

  • Is a place where people want to work, and they care about the company

  • Cultivates an environment of personal and professional development

  • Has longevity; survives through generations of leadership and marketplace changes

  • Has a positive reputation for follow through and taking care of its customers

  • Maintains a positive and fun culture

We continue to raise the bar, and we work hard every day to make our dream a reality.

Our Mission Statement

Is to recall, inspire the human Connection – one memory, one person, one family, one print, one Video and Photo at a time.

We believed and know that things that you have long been unable to recall are still there, waiting to be woken.

Lost’ memories can live again.

Our Store

At Katfam Photo we believe that we are only as good as the team behind us, Thanks to a combination of the latest digital printing equipment we can produce a variety of Services In house; One hour Professional photo Finishing lab, Passport Photos, Photo Books, Canvas Prints, Large format printing, Copy and print, business forms, letterheads, business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, sales sheets, raffle tickets, menus, Home Movie transfers, Photo and slides transfer to dvd, Reel to reel transfer, Cassette transfer Our customer service team is here to answer any questions, make recommendations, or even walk you step by step by step through our ordering process. Our typical production turnaround ranges from 1 hour to 8 days depending on the complexity of the job.

Our Values

It comes down to values. At Katfam Photo we truly value our customers. We place you first, in every situation. Whether you need advice, guidance, support…whatever it takes to ensure that you purchase the best product for your needs and that you get the most out of it is what we want to provide.

We consider our customers to be our friends. And, we treat you, our friends, in the same way that we want to be treated – with caring, professionalism, and a true interest in your success. We believe that if you are successful, and if you are satisfied in your dealings with us, then we will in turn be successful.

The Katfam Difference

We call all of this “The Katfam Difference” – a combination of customer service, after-sale support, and as much extra value as we can possibly pile on top of an already great deal to ensure that you come away from dealing with us with a smile on your face and a memory of a life time.

We will always keep you smiling the Katfam way

  • We are committed to constant and never-ending improvement. This means that everything is a work in progress. We push ourselves with positive dissatisfaction and believe that good enough is seldom good and it’s never enough.
  • Honesty without compromise. This one is simple: We do what we say we are going to do and honor our commitments.
  • We have fun. We have a positive, upbeat environment with a team of great people – we enjoy who we work with. We work hard and play hard. We don’t take ourselves too serious.

We consider our customers to be our friends. And, we treat you, our friends, in the same way that we want to be treated – with caring, professionalism, and a true interest in your success. We believe that if you are successful, and if you are satisfied in your dealings with us, then we will in turn be successful.sly but we mean business about success.

Meet Our President

Katfam Photo: The name says it all. We’re serious about consistent, gorgeous color on every one of our print products. Our primary goal is to help you profit

Today, my team and I are honored to serve you across the nation. We not only help you share images online, we also offer you a comprehensive collection of prints, albums, Photo books, cards, calendars, Story Blocks, custom design services, and canvas wraps, Large format printing. ONE on ONE to ONE printing and lots MORE!

We have grown because of your advice and comments, we will we continue to survey you to learn how we can succeed. Jan 5 2012, we launched Katfam Photo, a one stop service shop with the goal of making it easier for you to access services in one location
Our business is completely dedicated to YOU our customers. Your excitement about our products and workflow tools keeps us enthusiastic about coming into work every day!

Please take our brief survey so we can learn specifics about how our web/services could better help you

Thank you for your company, and business. I hope to see you at our store 847 Edgell Road, Framingham MA 0172.

Thank you
Martin Katamba

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  • Send us picture of your Best moment or friend.

Thank You

We’re very pleased that you would give us the chance to earn your business by either calling us or visiting our site. We hope that you like what you see, and that you will give us the opportunity to prove that what we have said here is true. We consider it the highest honor when you choose us as your resource for Video, Photo and Printing needs. Thank you very much!

Simple, But Not Easy

It seems so simple: just make your customers happy! In fact it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen – but not everyone is willing to make that effort. That very simple concept is the reason Katfam Photo was founded in the first place. Back in 2002, Martin Stated taking Photos of his family. In 2008 he started a small business in his home in Ashland covering wedding, events and family portraits. Martin was always looking for new and new ways of preserving People’s memories.

That’s where the problem reared its ugly head…there wasn’t a one stop Photo and print shop around that provided the kind of service, support, selection, and pricing that would make Martin a satisfied customer. At the same time, Martin had begun taking wedding and events, and selling those Photos to many Families. Those Photo -clients were also seeking a retailer they could trust. Martin saw a niche, and Katfam Photo’s retail division was born.

An Unparalleled Experience

From Day One, Martin was committed to providing a retail experience for his customers that was unparalleled – the sort of experience he always sought as a customer. Word of his commitment to service, his Business knowledge, and the support he offered spread, and Katfam Photo quickly expanded, outgrowing His home basement along the way, and constantly expanding its staff.

It will come as no surprise, but the key to this growth is the Family. Each member of the Katfam family is as firmly committed to customer satisfaction as Martin is. To work here requires experience and knowledge, but also a level of professionalism and integrity that isn’t found at other retail establishments.

For help making a project or questions about an order

We're confident that you're going to love your order and are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure it is just right.

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